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Help us achieve our mission, donate today to PWGreen. There are two ways to become a member of PWGreen:

  1. Click on Membership and Contribution Form, print it out and mail it in with your check, or
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Membership Categories:

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  • Student & Senior Citizens: $20
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There are several other ways in which you can take action to help:

1. Encourage your children’s teachers to incorporate environment-based learning into their curricula. PWGreen is a resource available to interested teachers to help them develop these programs. The school-owned Guggenheim Preserve provides an excellent site for these activities:

  • Mapping and orienteering
  • Study of micro-habitats
  • Identification of flora (trees and other plants)
  • Bird watching
  • Soil testing
  • Temperature studies
  • Insect study
  • Food chain studies
  • Study of seeds

2. Participate in our events and projects (see our calendar).

3. Tell your friends and neighbors about our projects and activities.

4. And again, Donate to PWGreen!